#WDS2013 Resources

This is a place where attendees of the 2013 World Domination Summit can share resources and notes.

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Saturday sessions

Nancy Duarte

Darren Rowse

Bob Moore: Putting People Before Profit

Afternoon Breakouts

Pamela Slim: The Art of Taking Action
Leo Babauta and J.D. Roth: How to Build Confidence and Destroy Fear
Danielle LaPorte: Desire and Fire
Gary Leff: Travel Hacking Academny
Andrew Warner: A Conversation with Chris Guillebeau

Jia Jiang

Chase Jarvis

Sunday sessions

Gretchen Rubin

Andrew Warner

Tess Vigeland

Breakout Sessions

Jonathan Fields: How to Live a Good Life
Jodi Ettenberg & Steve Kamb: Creating Audience Engagement
David Fugate: How to Publish a Book
Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett: ProBlogger Academy
Gary Hirsch: Improvising with Strangers
Chase Jarvis: A Conversation with Chase Jarvis

Steve Schalchlin

Donald Miller