Jason Zook

ACL 062: Jason Zook

Jason Zook personifies reinvention and unconventional thinking: he has worn T-shirts for a living, sold his last name twice, and is now literally selling his future. The author of Creativity for Sale, Jason helps people see beyond boundaries, chart their own life paths, and turn unique talents into opportunities.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Jason shares about:

  • trusting your gut about the path you’re on,
  • creating your own luck,
  • his recurring mantras about hard work and consistency,
  • giving ourselves permission to take a step forward without hiding behind research,
  • the challenge of consumption versus creation, and realigning our values,
  • how his own core values that guide the life and business decisions he makes,
  • behind the scenes of his latest project, detailing the process he has taken from concept to launch, and
  • focusing on delivering value, and being aware of what brings you value.

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Belden Lane

ACL 061: Belden Lane

Belden Lane is a teacher, author, storyteller, and theologian who explores the deep connection between nature and spirituality, and in particular the threads between those topics and men’s spirituality work.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Belden shares about:

  • discovering his love of nature as a young child,
  • the yearning for wilderness in the middle part of life,
  • getting out of your own head, and embracing being a “recovering scholar,”
  • the many different lessons that nature has to teach us,
  • his own “calling story” that led him to accepting the mantle of being a storyteller,
  • reflections about accepting the names we are given,
  • dealing with “false self” issues of impression management, the letters behind our name, and tiring of the masks we wear,
  • the “true self” disciplines that now bring him joy in this stage of his life.

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Belden’s books:

Belden’s “Last Lecture” presentation at Saint Louis University:


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Andy Hayes

ACL 060: Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes Andy went from a lucrative career in enterprise software development and consulting to found a company called Plum Deluxe, whose philosophy is helping you create moments that matter.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Andy shares about:

  • working in a toxic work environment, and realizing that “the biggest risk was staying where I was,”
  • re-engaging with core desires as an antidote to urgency and stress,
  • coping with fears around change, especially money and disapproval from others,
  • being willing to “build the plane while I was flying it,”
  • mindfulness about what you’re saying yes and no to,
  • using time tracking to increase awareness of how you’re spending time,
  • infusing a business with your core values, and operating consistently with those,
  • how his mom’s perspective on living informed the kind of community he wanted to build.

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Dianne Bischoff James

ACL 059: Dianne Bischoff James

Dianne Bischoff James found herself challenged by a “midlife reboot” in confronting the truth that she had built a life that she wasn’t truly proud of. She chronicles her journey of reinvention and distills the practical lessons she learned in a book titled The Real Brass Ring: Change Your Life Course Now.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Dianne shares about:

  • realizing that she felt like a liar when describing herself inauthentically,
  • coming to grips with fear, and learning to turn it into an asset,
  • coping with fear of rejection, isolation from her tribe, and pushing through to acceptance,
  • “logical mysticism” and distilling her learning into rules for happy living,
  • a reminder that “someone’s got to do the laundry,”
  • living out the principle that we ultimately have the choice to create the lives we want.

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Stephanie Trager

ACL 058: Stephanie Trager

Stephanie Trager draws on a wide array of life experiences ranging from activism, law, martial arts, 9/11, and a serious injury and parlays that into entrepreneurship and transformation coaching.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Stephanie shares:

  • being drawn to activism as a young adult, and how that has influenced her perspective on life,
  • the process of “waking up” and developing an increased sense of awareness,
  • her motivation behind deciding to go to law school and become an attorney,
  • the impact that an ongoing martial arts practice has had on her personal journey,
  • two major events outside of her control that changed her life.

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Stephanie is offering A Congruent Life listeners a complementary “Soul Success Strategy Session” to help you connect to your passion – thanks, Stephanie!


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Andrew Newman

ACL 057: Andrew Newman

Wondering what he could do to help disaster-impacted people in Haiti, Andrew Newman started asking others on the street for poems to share. Little did he know at the time that “poemcatching” would take him around the world and result in several anthologies of collected poems.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Andrew shares pieces of his story, including:

  • how he was motivated to start poemcatching,
  • veering away from several generations of a family-owned business,
  • discovering that he was, in fact, a creative person, and what that means for all of us,
  • advice for tapping into our creativity and “unfolding” our own creative visions,
  • the impact that men’s work and spiritual questing has had on his personal journey,
  • embracing mission as a larger framework for life beyond goals and tasks.

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  • Poemcatcher website – please submit your own poem here!

Poem anthologies:

Andrew’s children’s books:


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Stephanie St.Claire

ACL 056: Stephanie St.Claire

After encountering an unexpected “plot twist” in her life, Stephanie St.Claire reinvented herself to support others experiencing heartbreak and loss.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Stephanie shares insights gleaned from her reinvented life, including:

  • how crises of health or money often help us uncover personal authenticity,
  • why living an interesting life is itself a new form of currency,
  • becoming an expert at saying no, so that she can say a bigger yes,
  • learning to know love and connection, and to live not just for self,
  • embracing a philosophy of living agelessly,
  • choosing to approach work with a philosophy of play and creation,
  • analogies between a business and an intimate relationship,
  • moving from standing against something to standing for something, and asking important questions about legacy.

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Gary Hirsch

ACL 055: Gary Hirsch

Gary Hirsch is an artist and co-founder of On Your Feet, which improves organizational dynamics and teaches business skills through principles of improv. He is also the driving force behind Botjoy, a project to spread joy and courage throughout the world with an army of hand-painted robots.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Gary shares great stories and insights that weave between the worlds of art and business, including:

  • how the principles of improv can improve the way that people interact in teams,
  • a key lesson that has stuck with him that “sometimes you just have to play,”
  • experimentation and being curious,
  • embracing a creative process where someone else finishes the narrative,
  • why he wants other people to “steal” his ideas,
  • getting out of the way to allow your creation to flourish in unexpected ways, and
  • learning to check ego, press the “pause” button, and be present in the moment.

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Victor Saad

ACL 054: Victor Saad

Victor Saad decided to take his education into his own hands and handcraft a unique personal educational experience called the “Leap Year Project.” He is now crystallizing his vision for reinventing education by building a new school called the Experience Institute.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Victor discusses his thoughts about customized experiential education, including:

  • his personal journey that led him to rethink pursuing a traditional MBA program,
  • developing a personal “Leap Year Project” that valued experience and connection over content,
  • lessons learned from selecting experiences, financing the project, and asking for help,
  • inspiring thoughts about what he values “if I started a school…”
  • lessons learned, and a compelling vision for an alternative educational approach called the Experience Institute,
  • how authenticity and individuality plays into reinvention.

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Eric Proulx

ACL 053: Erik Proulx

After unexpectedly losing his job as an advertising executive, Erik Proulx embraced documentary film-making, and made a compelling film called Lemonade about several people who – in Erik’s words – lost their jobs and discovered their callings.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Erik shares reflections about his journey as a creative professional, including:

  • learning to separate who you are from what you do,
  • perspective on making inspiration actionable,
  • not knowing how to accomplish a vision, but trusting that the necessary help will show up when it’s needed,
  • paying attention to the inner voice that urges us to pursue a significant project,
  • learning not to simply swap one identity for another, but rather embracing that the sum of our experiences make us who we are.

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