Jason Zook

ACL 062: Jason Zook

Jason Zook personifies reinvention and unconventional thinking: he has worn T-shirts for a living, sold his last name twice, and is now literally selling his future. The author of Creativity for Sale, Jason helps people see beyond boundaries, chart their own life paths, and turn unique talents into opportunities.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Jason shares about:

  • trusting your gut about the path you’re on,
  • creating your own luck,
  • his recurring mantras about hard work and consistency,
  • giving ourselves permission to take a step forward without hiding behind research,
  • the challenge of consumption versus creation, and realigning our values,
  • how his own core values that guide the life and business decisions he makes,
  • behind the scenes of his latest project, detailing the process he has taken from concept to launch, and
  • focusing on delivering value, and being aware of what brings you value.

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