Belden Lane

ACL 061: Belden Lane

Belden Lane is a teacher, author, storyteller, and theologian who explores the deep connection between nature and spirituality, and in particular the threads between those topics and men’s spirituality work.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Belden shares about:

  • discovering his love of nature as a young child,
  • the yearning for wilderness in the middle part of life,
  • getting out of your own head, and embracing being a “recovering scholar,”
  • the many different lessons that nature has to teach us,
  • his own “calling story” that led him to accepting the mantle of being a storyteller,
  • reflections about accepting the names we are given,
  • dealing with “false self” issues of impression management, the letters behind our name, and tiring of the masks we wear,
  • the “true self” disciplines that now bring him joy in this stage of his life.

Links from the Show

Belden’s books:

Belden’s “Last Lecture” presentation at Saint Louis University:


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