The host of A Congruent Life is Andy Gray.

Andy has a deep resonance with spirituality work, and serves on the Board of Directors for Illuman, an organization facilitating transformative spirituality for men.  In addition to experience as a Program Director for a non-profit education and retreat center, he has planned, coordinated, and directed many retreats and events.

Professionally, Andy is a software entrepreneur, and has been helping organizations be more effective through strategic technology solutions for over twenty years. He has leadership and engineering experience with software companies large and small, including Black Crater Software Solutions, CenterSpace Software, Five Talent Software, Symyx Technologies, Evolution Software Design, IntelliChem, Rogue Wave Software, ACCEL Technologies, and Microsoft.  He is coauthor of two technical books published by Cambridge University Press, and has been a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.

Andy holds an MS degree in Computer Science from the University of California San Diego, and a BS degree in Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College.  In addition to completing a two-year Art of Spiritual Discernment training and numerous retreats and workshops, he is training as a vision quest guide with Rites of Passage, and plans to begin a two-year spiritual direction training program.

Foolish Adventure Interview

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