Alison Elsberry

ACL 009: Alison Elsberry

Alison Elsberry is an expert at supporting mothers to empower their spiritually-gifted children. Coming from a more-traditional health care background, over time Alison has recalibrated her work to be more congruent with what she feels called to do in the world.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Alison talks about honoring the unique gifts of others, personal insights she learned from working in the health care system, redefining failure and success, being ready for “something wonderful” that lies ahead, and her journey to uncover and live into her authentic self.


One thought on “ACL 009: Alison Elsberry

  1. Beth Patterson

    Great interview, Alison!
    I, for one among many, am so glad that you–a spiritually gifted adult–are helping others help their children to live to their highest potential. We need these children’s gifts in our broken world…
    Thank you!


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