Rudi Kennard

ACL 018: Rudi Kennard

Rudi Kennard is a well-being and resiliency consultant in the UK who is a facilitator for the “Three Principles.”

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Rudi discusses:

  • pursuing a long-term passion project even though he couldn’t see how it could possibly happen when he began,
  • a surprising approach to reducing crime and working with the incarcerated and ill,
  • making personal sacrifices and the meaning of true financial freedom,
  • letting your heart guide you more than your head, and
  • a fresh paradigm of mental health that is based on health rather than illness.


3 thoughts on “ACL 018: Rudi Kennard

  1. Jeff R

    I’ve been a visitor to Rudi’s site often and for years. The 3 Principles saved my life. I found them through recovery. I have become something of a student.

    Once I came to understand that I was creating my life through my thinking, I realized that, if it’s true for me, it’s true for everyone else. It’s a miracle we ever agree with one another about anything. Also, if it’s true now, it’s been true all of my life. Suddenly, the past isn’t what it used to be.

    We’re all always doing the best we can (given what we know at the time). Even my parents were (both now deceased). Blame is not useful. Forgiveness is not necessary. Acceptance rules!

    No one taught me how to smile, as a baby. I was born with that feeling and while it never leaves me, I have left it, sometimes for years, simply by believing my own thoughts. Knowing I am their “creator” denies them that power. “Stress” is always self created. I rarely go there anymore.

    Remembering THAT I’m thinking often immediately puts me in a feeling that all is “Perfect Enough”. LIFE no longer requires a “solution”. LIFE, is not about me.

    Thank you Rudi, and Andy (great site) and Kelly.

    1. Andy Gray Post author

      Thanks, Jeff, for sharing how the Three Principles have been impactful to you! I’m glad that Rudi’s site has been helpful to you, and that you enjoyed our conversation!

  2. Sandy

    I came to the Three Principles about 2 1/2 years ago. I had always thought there was a lot wrong with me because of experiences from my childhood. I did lots of therapy, groups, workshops, etc. but was never able to shake the feeling that I had to keep fixing myself; that I still wasn’t right.

    Through some understanding of how Thought works, I realized that it was I who made up the negative thoughts about myself as a child – innocently, in response to how I was being treated. The day I understood that those thoughts were JUST thoughts and I had actually made them up was truly liberating, I then knew there was nothing wrong with me; there HAD NEVER BEEN anything wrong with me, and I experienced the most liberating, joyful feeling I have ever had in my life. A huge weight was lifted from me. I felt an abundance of well-being that I didn’t even know existed within me – it felt incredibly wonderful.

    My current life has not changed that much on the OUTSIDE, but I am SO changed on the INSIDE. I am grateful and happy and now even on “low” days I just don’t get affected by it as much as I used to. I’m taking life so much more lightly -and worrying so much less. Being able to see life through new eyes, with new perspective, is so very wonderful. I hope that everyone with even a glimmer of interest in this will go to Rudi’s page and check it out. As you’ve probably gathered by now, the Three Principles understanding I’ve had (so far!) is the best thing that has ever happened in my life!

    So Andy, thank you for having Rudi on and Rudi, thank you for the beautiful interview!!


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