Farnoosh Brock

ACL 041: Farnoosh Brock

Farnoosh Brock had a very successful technical career with everything that she thought that she wanted, but yet she came to understand that it really wasn’t fulfilling in the way that she wanted, and she had the wherewithal to make changes that really did work better for her. She now works with her husband in her own company called Prolific Living.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Farnoosh shares about:

  • how growing up in Tehran and then emigrating taught her important lessons that she continues to apply to her life,
  • realizing that her Fortune 100 career with “everything right” didn’t truly provide the fulfillment that she was seeking,
  • learning to see her previous experience not as a waste, but making up the sum of who she is today,
  • recasting risk and fear as an adventure to be embraced,
  • the importance of rewiring her brain to think “the right way,” and how she did that,
  • some of the practical tools that she used to get in touch with what she wanted in life,
  • the alignment of her vision of her personal contribution with that of her life partner.



Coming soon!

3 thoughts on “ACL 041: Farnoosh Brock

  1. Farnoosh

    Andy, thanks so much for doing this amazing show – you make such a wonderful host and have a great voice. And it was such a pleasure to be on your show. THANK YOU for having me!

    1. Andy Gray Post author

      Thanks so much, Farnoosh – it was my pleasure! Thanks for the great work that you do in the world, and for taking the time to share your thoughts with the A Congruent Life community!

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