Eric Plantenberg

ACL 024: Eric Plantenberg

Eric Plantenberg focuses on enriching the lives of others through his own multi-faceted life. Eric is the co-founder of Freedom Personal Development, has created a retreat called Abundant Living, and is now the “Core Values Ambassador” of Kombucha Mama. And — by the way — he’s also done significant humanitarian work around the world, summitted Mt. Everest from the north, taken a three-year travelling honeymoon with his wife Michelle, and completed the IronMan Triathlon four times.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Eric shares compelling stories and profound reflections from his life journey so far, including:

  • what he learned from a river guide about focusing his energy outward,
  • how embracing his job as a dog treat salesman opened unexpected doors,
  • about starting a long-running business with his friend, by pooling cash in a shoebox,
  • how a professor panned his business plan and advised him to “just go get a job,”
  • the importance and interplay of passion and authenticity in pursing goals,
  • giving yourself permission to live the life that you really want, and what that’s looked like in practice for his own family,
  • honoring intuition and internal wisdom when considering big life transitions,
  • the profound value of “starting with why,”
  • the difference between authenticity and positivity,
  • lessons about passion and persistence learned from climbing Mt. Everest, and
  • how pursuing authenticity requires effort and intentionality.


Transcript for ACL 024: Eric Plantenberg


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