Julie Dragonfly

ACL 023: Julie Dragonfly

In her youth, Julie Dragonfly turned to alcohol, drugs, and sex looking for courage to be herself in the world. Through some significant experiences, she rediscovered the power of music in her own life, and embraced that as another language for self-healing and being of service to others. Leaving her addictions behind and transforming her engineering career into a path as a yoga teacher and healer, Julie travels around the world doing a project she calls, “Sing As I Am,” sharing the healing power of sound.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Julie shares:

  • how music replaced her addictions as a source of strength and self-confidence,
  • spiritual experiences that led her to see music as another language for connection,
  • what came from her music teacher’s challenge to share her music in train stations,
  • the unexpected gift of a small note dropped in her bag,
  • honoring the pull to share her gifts, “regardless of how I think it sounds,”
  • difficult lessons about intertwining money and self-worth, and
  • the challenge and reward of embracing self and living authentically.


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