Natalie Sisson

ACL 022: Natalie Sisson

Natalie Sisson is an entrepreneur and traveler who helps others seek freedom by building a location-independent business. She is the host of a website called The Suitcase Entrepreneur and recently published a book by the same name.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Natalie reflects on her own journey as a nomadic entrepreneur, including:

  • recognizing for herself that “you either do this now, or you do this never,”
  • being willing to experience fear head-on in order to move through it,
  • doing the inner work to identify and prioritize her core values, and staying aligned to them,
  • staying connected to people close to her while living a nomadic lifestyle,
  • learning to celebrate both wins and losses,
  • how one’s best work happens when you’re being true to yourself.

Natalie is generously offering free copies of her book, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, to two lucky A Congruent Life listeners. For your chance to win:


Transcript for ACL 022: Natalie Sisson

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