Tess Vigeland

ACL 021: Tess Vigeland

Tess Vigeland is a familiar voice for fans of National Public Radio; she’s been on public radio for over twenty years, and for the last decade she was part of NPR’s popular national Marketplace program, including serving several years as the host of Marketplace Money.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Tess reflects on her experience after presenting at the World Domination Summit in Portland last month, including:

  • leaving her dream job without a safety net (“what the hell are you doing?”)
  • how the WDS audience gave her a gift she’ll never forget,
  • lessons learned from not getting the big job that she was “supposed” to get,
  • discovering that those that she thought were “not my people” actually were,
  • learning how to move her identity from “Marketplace’s Tess Vigeland” to “just Tess,”
  • figuring out how to shift from telling others’ stories to telling her own story,
  • questions about why authentic sharing is so unusual,
  • why she doesn’t really see her upcoming book as “Act Four,” and
  • her ongoing challenging journey of “getting back to remarkable.”


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