Sylvester Neal

ACL 031: Sylvester Neal

Sylvester Neal is a past president of Kiwanis International who spent his career in public service as a firefighter, airport security chief, and state fire marshal.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Sylvester shares interesting stories from his well-lived life, including:

  • attending an integrated high school in the 1950s, and how he never got into a fight,
  • what he learned when a restaurant would not allow him to eat with his teammates,
  • how his dreams of going to college evaporated after one poor football game,
  • the effect that a house fire had on his dreams and the trajectory of his work,
  • how having confidence in his intuition boosted his early career as a firefighter,
  • having the discipline to earn a college degree over ten years of night school,
  • being open to discovering unexpected blessings in disguise,
  • having the courage to turn down a job that simply wanted to fill its minority quotas,
  • how fainting in an airport led to clarity about living a life of service, and
  • what he is learning from raising his young grandsons while in his 70s.



Transcript for ACL 031: Sylvester Neal

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