Julie Harris

ACL 030: Julie Harris

Julie Harris is a former athlete and executive who found herself confronted with a chilling diagnosis from which she was not expected to live long. Telling her doctor, “I really don’t accept this,” Julie set out on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and healing to move beyond cancer, and now invests her energy helping others as a wellness coach.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Julie shares stories and reflections from her athletic, professional, and health experiences, including:

  • key life lessons that she learned from pushing herself athletically,
  • learning, forgetting, and relearning to pay attention to what her body was telling her,
  • the fine line between pushing oneself to excel and ignoring warning signs,
  • the importance of family-like support structures in both team and individual situations,
  • the balance between the power to create, and the power to “un-create,”
  • her intuition about what she needed to do in order to heal herself,
  • how her health challenges organically provided clarity about the work that she next wanted to do.


Coming soon!


Julie is generously offering a free 30-minute coaching session in January 2014 to A Congruent Life listeners. Email Julie directly if you’d like to take advantage of this – thanks, Julie!

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