Amy Clover

ACL 033: Amy Clover

Amy Clover found herself mired in clinical depression, hit a breaking point, and reinvented her life from the inside out. She now helps others to move their own lives forward by harnessing fitness and positive action through Strong Inside Out.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Amy shares stories about:

  • “accidentally” embracing fitness as a path to emotional and mental healing,
  • discovering some of the beauty behind the struggle,
  • the epiphany she experienced about how her personal journey could be of service to others,
  • learning to develop her business over time so that she could increase her impact in the world,
  • embarking on “crazy” projects, like leading boot camps in cities across North America,
  • why she supports To Write Love on Her Arms,
  • finding inner strength to make a big jump, and trusting that a net will appear when needed,
  • how vulnerability and authenticity is a core of living congruently in the world.



Coming soon!

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