Greg Berg

ACL 034: Greg Berg

Greg Berg is the host of Radio Enso, an interview podcast sharing “Tools and Inspiration for Conscious Living.”

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Greg draws on his varied life experiences and lessons learned from his show and his guests, including:

  • pulling the best aspects from his various work experiences into a “mashup” of the work he truly wants to do,
  • learning from “false starts” and conscious reinvention,
  • the importance of asking questions and being aware of what lights you up,
  • taking risks of trying something new,
  • how being in a car accident as a young man still informs his life today,
  • the roots and motivation for a big project like Radio Enso,
  • embracing a little bit of fear to stretch creatively and expand your comfort zone,
  • conscious living and valuing authenticity.



Coming soon!

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