Mike Hrostoski

ACL 035: Mike Hrostoski

Mike Hrostoski had his world rocked when his mother died unexpectedly. He left his traditional corporate career and took a year off to focus on doing things that brought him joy: spending time with his brother and travelling around the United States doing volunteer work. He now spends his energy coaching high-performing men.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Mike shares the shift in his life’s direction, what he now values most, and how he helps men live more congruent lives, including:

  • how he started receiving inspiration from various sources about how his life could be different,
  • how his mother’s death galvanized his reinvention,
  • the importance of showing up fully,
  • taking risks of trying something new, and dealing with the fear that comes with that,
  • the similarities between love and business,
  • the core values of integrity, growth, and emotional intimacy,
  • authenticity as speaking your truth, including asking for what you want and being willing to say no,
  • taking personal responsibility for life’s direction and happiness.



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