Wes Chapman

ACL 038: Wesley Chapman

Wesley Chapman tried to commit suicide when he was four, was abandoned by his mother when he was six, and doctors said that his life was a hopeless cause when he was seven. A shining example of love and support changed the course of his life for some amazing successes in the world of business and entrepreneurship, and more importantly, profound insights into legacy and the human spirit.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Wesley shares about:

  • how he was forced to grow up quickly in the foster child system,
  • his grandmother providing an important counterbalance to the consistent messages that he was worthless,
  • crawling through a ditch as one of the most memorable acts of love in his life,
  • being inspired to control his own destiny at eight years old,
  • the importance of motivation and being aware of why we do what we do,
  • having faith in others as a testament to the human spirit,
  • investing our lives into things that really matter, and
  • moving beyond shame of his past to realizing that he has an important legacy to leave.



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