Heather Strang

ACL 039: Heather Strang

Heather Strang discovered that surgery didn’t solve her health issues; instead she found herself on an amazing journey of healing, self-discovery, and new directions. She shares some great insights she gained the hard way about poverty, abundance, and self-worth.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Heather shares about:

  • the wake-up call that came from finding herself crying during her lunch hour,
  • the observation that she was making more money than ever but still living paycheck to paycheck,
  • her long-held beliefs about poverty and lack, and her inner work around abundance,
  • realizing that our relationship with money is linked to our relationship with ourselves,
  • what she did when surgery didn’t heal the tumor she’d developed,
  • being willing to get out of her own way, and
  • allowing her life to be guided in a direction that she never expected.


Heather is about to begin a sexual healing series for women on January 22; check it out here.


Coming soon!

2 thoughts on “ACL 039: Heather Strang

  1. Kaley

    Always love to hear your story and see the nearly instantaneous manifestation wonder that is you, Heather. Andy, your questions were fantastic at the level of building dialogue and demonstrating true listening. Thank you for the great interview, beautiful people! Enjoyed listening to you both riff!


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