Ben Robinson

ACL 040: Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson and a couple of his friends decided to go surfing in each of the Seven Seas over two years, while helping to reduce teen suicide in their native Australia. They later made an inspiring and humorous documentary of their journey called 3 Mates 7 Seas.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Ben shares about:

  • how a surfing expedition turned into a project raising awareness of teen suicide,
  • both the trials and the learning that came from the trio spending so much time together on the road,
  • how dreams might not turn out as expected, but can turn into something even better,
  • what he learned from the young people that were following their progress,
  • problem solving skills and authenticity,
  • making space in life for passion projects that are separate from one’s job, and
  • tapping into motivation and purpose for large projects like the documentary film.


Want to watch the 3 Mates 7 Seas documentary? Leave a comment below about what you found most inspiring about the 3 Mates 7 Seas story! I’ll randomly select a commenter after January 31, 2014 and mail that person a free DVD of the film.


Coming soon!

4 thoughts on “ACL 040: Ben Robinson

  1. Deniqua Boston

    Wow. A surfer who does more than just chase waves… Thanks for words Ben, u made me smile – keep at it :)

  2. sandra holmgren

    Ha, I like how ben talks from the heart, his talk rang true for me on so many levels! Wish he was from Sweden. X


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