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ACL 007: Dan Andrews (Tropical MBA)

Dan Andrews is the co-host of the very popular Lifestyle Business Podcast and Tropical MBA. Dan managed to get off the typical entry-level career track, and successfully re-invented his life as a location-independent entrepreneur living mostly in Southeast Asia.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Dan talks about his journey from “career” to entrepreneur, building businesses that matter, synergies that come from working with people sharing similar values, social media and podcasting, and finding your own authentic story.


13 thoughts on “ACL 007: Dan Andrews (Tropical MBA)

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  2. Melissa

    Andy, great interview; you and Dan gave helpful insights. Dan’s discussion on “finding your own way is one of the hardest parts of the entrepreneurial journey” resonated with my own struggle. Few successful entrepreneurs are that honest about the challenges of the journey. Thanks.

    1. Andy Gray Post author

      Thanks, Melissa! I definitely agree with you about the challenge of finding your own way; that’s an area where it’s really helpful to have encouragement and support from others. I’m glad that you found the discussion helpful!

  3. Jeremy

    Great episode. It’s my first listen (via LBP mention) and I am glad I found the interviews.
    My fiance and I were listening together, (well I listened once then came back and forced her to listen lol) and we just kept being like “mind=blown”. And that’s in the most complimentary way possible too.
    Dan you’ve been crafting this message for a couple years and it’s so strong and well put together.

    Look forward to more interviews. Great stuff Andy.

    Have either of you taken Landmark education? The language you use is very, very similar. I guess you could describe it as “transformational language”.

    1. Andy Gray Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, Jeremy – I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the interviews! Welcome to ACL; please keep providing your feedback about how to make the show even more helpful. (and no, I’m not familiar with Landmark education…)

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  5. Dave Bilyeu

    Many comments made by Dan hit home, but the courage to make decisions and move forward without “complete” information, knowing that this is not “failure”, but just the process is very freeing. As I am just a few weeks into starting a new business and already fighting off, the “should’ves,” this gives me a valuable insight that will keep me moving with focus and energy. Thanks!

    1. Andy Gray Post author

      Thanks, Dave. Yes, it’s indeed easy to get paralyzed and feel like you don’t have enough data to move forward, but the challenge (and freedom) comes from making the best decision that you can in the moment and just keep pressing on. There are very few things that you can’t adjust later if needed — and most of the time it’s really not necessary anyway. I’m glad that you found the conversation with Dan inspiring, as I do!

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