Justin Cooke

ACL 045: Justin Cooke

Justin Cooke reinvented his own life in a way that basically amounted to convincing his boss to fire him, and then moving both his personal and professional life halfway around the world to the Philippines. He now is a partner in a successful business called Empire Flippers.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Justin shares his perspectives about the role of authenticity in business, including:

  • taking a risk to jump from his comfortable job in order to move to the Philippines,
  • questioning the wisdom he received about missing opportunities by being away from the United States,
  • leaning into his desire to explore and see the world,
  • the responsibility that he felt to his team as a business owner when times got tough,
  • seeing a business partnership as similar to a marriage, and the better decisions that can come as a result,
  • the challenge of going through “the dip,”
  • the congruence between business and personal relationships, and how personal integrity has a tangible business impact,
  • discovering that the most resonant creativity comes on the edge of discomfort.

Links from the Show

Justin is offering the A Congruent Life community a free copy of Justin and Joe Magnotti’s e-book, Building a Niche Site Empire – thanks Justin!

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