Lydia Smith

ACL 046: Lydia Smith

Lydia Smith walked the Camino de Santiago at a pivotal time in her life, and felt called to create a documentary film called Walking the Camino in order to inspire people to follow their own path of discovery and transformation.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Lydia shares about:

  • deciding to walk the Camino de Santiago during a crossroads in her life,
  • her insight that everyone has their own pilgrimage to take, and that the “real Camino” starts at home,
  • taking a leap outside her comfort zone to direct her first feature-length film,
  • inspiration from the people that she chose to feature in the documentary,
  • persistence to stick with the multi-year film project, from filming to production to now promoting and sharing it,
  • dealing with the illusion that aligned work will be easy,
  • the importance of self-care,
  • letting go of judgement, and realizing that she was capable of so much more than she thought.

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