Ken Streater

ACL 028: Ken Streater

Ken Streater is an entrepreneur, adventure guide, and writer who recently wrote a book called The Gift of Courage, sharing inspiring stories of courage and passion.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Ken shares interesting stories and great insights, including:

  • coming to learn that his love of the outdoors could actually be an expression of service,
  • why experiences of common purpose can be effective in building community,
  • how strapping on a life jacket each day became an important symbol for his team,
  • why honoring the bottom line is an important element in doing good,
  • how he unconsciously drifted away from his own authenticity, and how he discovered this,
  • an uncomfortable period of his life that helped him crystallize his sense of purpose,
  • why he embarked on his book project, and some of the important lessons he’s learned from others while writing it.



Transcript for ACL 028: Ken Streater

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