John Bardos

ACL 047: John Bardos

John Bardos and his wife sold or gave away all their possessions in order to live a nomadic travelling lifestyle focused on contribution and connection.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, John shares about:

  • gradually questioning common lifestyle beliefs in his own life,
  • how a “short trip” to Japan ended up lasting 13 years,
  • creating a clear intention with his wife, and setting a one-year plan to accomplish it,
  • his strong focus on contribution and connection in his travels,
  • the perspective he has gained on abundance, lack, and simplification,
  • the self-imposed stress that we create by worrying about money,
  • how awareness of the balance between giving and taking has made him more conscious of his environmental footprint,
  • discovering ways to be of service even without particular expertise in a given area, and
  • reducing suffering by being present in the moment.

Links from the Show

John recently shared a guest post on A Congruent Life: A Story of Human Trafficking. Learn more about The Human, Earth Project on documentary filmmaker Ben Randall’s website.


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