Danea Horn

ACL 048: Danea Horn

Danea Horn has had significant health challenges since birth, and has let illness become her teacher in profound ways. She wrote a book called Chronic Resilience to support others in being more self-compassionate during the stress of illness, and in a stunning act of love, recently received a kidney transplant from her husband on their 11th wedding anniversary.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Danea shares profound insights from her life journey, including:

  • learning at an early age that her chronic illness was not a burden,
  • changing her expectations about what her family would look like,
  • learning to be willing to truly grieve the things that she needed to let go of,
  • her direct experience with the power – and limitations – of positive thinking,
  • embarking on a book project to share her journey and the stories of other inspiring women,
  • receiving news of her kidney failure on the day of her book release,
  • the amazing gift she received from her husband, and her reflections on that experience, and
  • ultimately being compassionate about our own humanity.

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