Joel Blunk

ACL 008: Joel Blunk

Joel Blunk is a musician, storyteller, and pastor who followed his childhood ambition to play professional football and had an opportunity to play in the NFL, only to find that his journey took an unexpected turn.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Joel shares some unique perspectives on authenticity, discussing his career as a collegiate and professional athlete and coach, lessons he learned from missed opportunities, the role of music and the power of story, and using personal talents for something beyond self.


3 thoughts on “ACL 008: Joel Blunk

  1. paul meister

    Andy, this is important work you are doing. Thank you for your dedication to sharing the stories of inspirational people, you included!
    Peace, fire, feathers, sage, waters, blood, and of course, mud,

    1. Andy Gray Post author

      Thanks, Paul! And likewise, thanks for the important work that you are doing for men of all ages – what a wonderful gift to the world!

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