Heather Thorkleson

ACL 050: Heather Thorkelson

Heather Thorkelson calls herself an Architect of Freedom, working with others to carve their own path, conquer “comparisonitis,” and create successful, meaningful businesses that support their lives.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Heather shares stories about:

  • developing resilience from living abroad at an early age,
  • the danger of comparing ourselves to others, and strategies for addressing that,
  • tapping into our personal “genius work” that gives us energy and meaning,
  • the critical distinction between self esteem and self worth,
  • finding courage to change situations that are not congruent with our values,
  • acknowledging that years in a corporate job had dulled her senses, and being patient to rediscover a sense of aliveness,
  • constructing a business to support her life, rather than the other way around, and
  • walking her talk by being willing to pause her business to pursue an adventure in Antarctica.

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