Jared Seide

ACL 051: Jared Seide

Jared Seide facilitates increased cooperation, empathy, and understanding within groups through his work at Center for Council, spanning circles as diverse as schools, businesses, service organizations, participants in social conflicts, and prisons.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Jared shares stories from his personal journey with Council work, including:

  • how his background in dramatic arts and quest for storytelling led him to Hollywood, where he became disillusioned about the lack of authenticity,
  • how the aftermath of the LA riots allowed his daughter to discover her voice in a surprising way,
  • how the concepts of Council are old and comfortable across cultures and backgrounds, and simple in principle but deep in practice,
  • the ancient elements and simple intentions of holding Council,
  • the effects of Council work in Rwandan genocide healing and prison populations,
  • the impact that this work has had on his personal journey and perspectives on living authentically.

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2 thoughts on “ACL 051: Jared Seide

    1. Andy Gray Post author

      Thanks, Opeyemi! In essence Council work is quite simple, but as you dig in, it is very profound and multi-faceted. And Jared is a master of holding space and facilitating the group; I bet you’ll love experiencing the Council training with him!


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