Gary Hirsch

ACL 055: Gary Hirsch

Gary Hirsch is an artist and co-founder of On Your Feet, which improves organizational dynamics and teaches business skills through principles of improv. He is also the driving force behind Botjoy, a project to spread joy and courage throughout the world with an army of hand-painted robots.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Gary shares great stories and insights that weave between the worlds of art and business, including:

  • how the principles of improv can improve the way that people interact in teams,
  • a key lesson that has stuck with him that “sometimes you just have to play,”
  • experimentation and being curious,
  • embracing a creative process where someone else finishes the narrative,
  • why he wants other people to “steal” his ideas,
  • getting out of the way to allow your creation to flourish in unexpected ways, and
  • learning to check ego, press the “pause” button, and be present in the moment.

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