Stephanie St.Claire

ACL 056: Stephanie St.Claire

After encountering an unexpected “plot twist” in her life, Stephanie St.Claire reinvented herself to support others experiencing heartbreak and loss.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Stephanie shares insights gleaned from her reinvented life, including:

  • how crises of health or money often help us uncover personal authenticity,
  • why living an interesting life is itself a new form of currency,
  • becoming an expert at saying no, so that she can say a bigger yes,
  • learning to know love and connection, and to live not just for self,
  • embracing a philosophy of living agelessly,
  • choosing to approach work with a philosophy of play and creation,
  • analogies between a business and an intimate relationship,
  • moving from standing against something to standing for something, and asking important questions about legacy.

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